X Line Dubai – XDubai

Me!!! Up in the Air

Last December 17, 2015, I experienced a moment of my life that I will never forget and that is none other than – Ziplining across Downtown Dubai with breathtaking views of The Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa.


I was so lucky to be chosen by Kris Fade, 30 out of 2000 plus entries on Instagram.


My experience was soooo breathtaking and I cannot imagine the fun and exhiliration of it!


So, let me share what happen on that day.


I drove from my place to the location: Burj Residence, Tower 3 , Downtown Area. I was welcomed by them and they handed me the waiver form. Once done, we went up to the Rooftop and had the photoshoot, briefing, and putting on the gear. The staff were very friendly and multinational as well. When I was next, they cheered me up and for me not to be scared. I wasn’t though I feel a little bit of altophobia. Just don’t look down!


Check out the clicks and of course I made a video of this AWESOME experience!

Want to feel the hype? This is the video of this amazing experience. X Line Dubai – VIDEO

What is X Line (XDubai)? Visit the site. X Dubai

Pushing boundaries and pushing you to your limits, XDubai is your ambassador for action sports. XDubai encourages this all-action adventure as the city comes together to experience the thrill of an active life. We want you to participate and triumph as we invite you to take part in the best sporting activities and events in the region.


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