Sulphur Bath – Tbilisi, Georgia

Visiting Tbilisi, Georgia would not be complete without experiencing their very own Sulphur Bath. 
The experience was totally relaxing and relieving after the winter wonderland days in Gudauri. 

I went to the public bath. I paid 10 GEL for the entrance fee. And since this was my first time I have to buy a slipper for 1 GEL and rent a towel for 1 GEL. There is also a locker available and being guarded by a security man. 

I also asked for an assistance as I really don’t have any idea about how this works. When I first entered, I was shocked and totally suprised as I was the only Asian in the bath house. Most people I have noticed were prepared with their stuffs seems like they have been there many times. There is also a bar to buy drinks and snacks.  The people were very friendly and they helped me to what is the best thing to do. 

What we can see inside?

Sauna Room, Cold pool (as in freezing!!!), hot pool, showers and 3 massage and scrub beds. 

I also availed the massage and scrub that costs 10 GEL each. Th scrub was worth it but the massage was not that much though it was relaxing. 


One thing that will shock you in this experience is that you can see no privacy. It was like totally bringing the AD and BC bathing lifestyle. At first, I was shy but in the long run, I enjoyed and loving the experience. Proud of my No Bilbil Stomach since I didn’t eat! Pak! Confidently Beautiful!


So, when you visit Tbilisi, make sure you will have this ticked out!

BTW, there are also private rooms but a bit pricey. 


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