Poppy Gee Travels | Camiguin Island


Wow is the best word to describe this beautiful island.

We started our small trip with a no idea to come over to this place. The plan was so abrupt but we were able to see and experience its magic.

Camiguin is the second smallest island in both area and population.

Let me begin how we organize this trip.

  1. From CDO, took a van for 600PHP (6PAX).
  2. Down at Balingoan to take the ferry. Ferry cost 170PHP plus 15PHP for Terminal Fee and 2PHP for entrance fee.
  3. Motorella from port to the Hotel 300PHP
  4. Hotel Stay at Secret Cove – Mambahao (2 nights – 5000PHP)
  5. Motorella Tour Van for 1500PHP whole day.
  6. Soda Pool entrance – 30PHP per pax
  7. Tuasan Falls – No Entrance
  8. Cold Spring – 30 PHP per pax
  9. Lunch at Cold Spring (350PHP per viand)
  10. Hot Spring – 30 PHP per pax
  11. White Island Trip – 450 PHP per boat and 20 per pax for Environmental Tax
  12. To Port – 350 PHP
  13. Ferry to Balingoan – 150PHP per pax
  14. Balingoan to CDO – 125 PHP

Food around the island is very affordable. It depends where you eat. But for sure you will love it.

Visit Camiguin Island, Philippines!


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