Poppy Gee Travels to South Cebu

My brother and I went for a short trip to the south of Cebu. We had a wonderful adventure and we have explored some of it’s wonders.

Do you wanna know what we have done and what we have seen? Well, hope this itinerary will guide you through to your next adventure.

8:00 AM – Good Morning

9:00 AM – Breakfast

10:00 AM – Taxi to South Bus Terminal (Varies where you stay in Cebu.)

10:20 AM – Aboard Ceres Bus to Dalaguete – Fare is 100PHP

12:50 PM – Stopped at Dalaguete

1:00 PM – Took Motorbike Ride to Osmena Peak – Fare is 100PHP per person per way

1:30 PM – Reached the Registration Area

Registration cost is 30PHP

1:50 PM – Climbed the mountain, took pictures and returned to the registration point

Snaps from the beautiful Osmeña Peak:

3:00 PM – Travelled back to the main road and waited for the bus to Oslob

View from the window of the bus.

3:20 PM – Aboard Ceres Bus from Dalaguete to Tanawan, Oslob (70PHP/PP)

Tanawan is place where the whale watching begins.

5:30 PM – Reached Tanawan and checked in at Sharky Hostel

Sharky Hostel has bedspaces (350PHP/PP) and Kubo (Nipa Huts) (800PHP per hut)
7:00 PM – Dinner

8:00 PM – Rest for tomorrow’s activity

5:30 AM – Good Morning – Lite Breakfast

6:00 AM – Whale Shark Activity (Registration and Briefing)


8:00 AM – Swimming with Whale Shark and Picture Taking

9:00 AM – Preparing for Sumilon Island Visit (The Hostel will assist you for the reservation and collection of fees)

9:30 AM – Sumilon Island Visit (50PHP – Environmental Fee)

11:30 AM – Return to Oslob Mainland

12:00 PM – Checked out and had Lunch

12:30 PM – Bus ride to Kawasan Falls via Badian (Fare is 30PHP/PP)

2:30 PM – Reached Kawasan Bus Stop

2:35 PM – Rode Motorbike (50PHP) Registration Fee(20PHP/PP)

3:00 PM – Explored Kawasan

5:00 PM – Instead of taking a motorbike to go back to the highway, we decided to have a walk to the Bus stop (20-30 minutes walk).

5: 30 PM – Onboard Ceres Bus to Cebu.  Fare is 50PHP / PP

8:00 PM – Hello Cebu again!


Another option if you have an extra day is to sleepover at Moalboal.

Hope this helps and feel free to share so others can experience the same fun!


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