Poppy Gee Travels | Coron, Palawan

When in Coron, Palawan…

Visit Mt. Tapyas for an amazing sunset view. Bring a bottle of water because the hike will be really tiring and fulfilling.

Sunset View at Coron
Thank you for today!


Take the Ultimate Tour in Coron because this is by far the best and will truly fulfill what makes Coron as a destination of choice.

The package is affordable and it is worth it.

This is where I booked my Ultimate Tour trip.
Sieta Pecados
Snorkelling Time. I brought my snorkel and flippers to save from the rental cost. So, if you have, bring it!
That pose and picture at this overlooking picturesque view is a must.
Selfie at the Kayangan Lake
Lunch View. This makes the lunch so enticing. Food options includes veg and non veg plus fruits.
This lagoon is part of the twin lagoon. Smaller version.
Hello Big Lagoon! This is the part where you can do kayaking and head towards the hidden lagoon. Really amazing!
Passing the tunnel to see the hidden lagoon.

This trip has been really amazing! But one thing for sure to make your trip great is in your hands. How? Smile and be happy and most importantly is to interact with your boatmates. It is the ticket to a better exploration.


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