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Siquijor is known to be as the “Magical Island of Fire”. Yassss! It is because there are so many magical adventures you can do where it can fire up your adrenaline. 

If you have read my previous blog about the best transport option to Siquijor then you will be able to connect the dot. 

Best place to have dinner is Siquijor Boulevard and do not forget to buy Bulalo as it is the perfect menu for the night apart from the BBQs and the Balut (fertilized duck egg).

Make sure to catch the sunset. Maybe you will capture this stunning sunset like I had. 


Wake up early and have your pinoy breakfast. 

I stayed at the James Homestay which is in the Caitican, Siquijor. 15 minutes ride to the center. They have breakfast options so you will not have to go somewhere. 

My tour option was booking a pedicab or a tricycle to roam around the island. The one day tour is 1200 PHP / 25 USD. And if ever you will rent a motorbike, please bring your driver’s license. 

Itinerary and my reviews. 

1. Paliton Beach (1 Hour) – I love this beach. It is so-called as little Boracay of Siquijor. Yassss! It is. I love it here. 

2. Capilay Spring, San Juan (30 minutes) – Just a short stop is my recommendation. Nothing much to do but a short swim at the spring. 

3. Century Old Balette Tree (1 Hour) – Entrance fee is 10 PHP /0.25 USD. 

The fish foot spa is so relaxing and entertaining. Entertaining because it is so ticklish. 

Buy souvenirs in this area as some stops do not have options to buy items.

Try the coconut as well for 30 PHP / 0.75 USD because it is so refreshing. 

4. St. Isodore Church and Lazi Convent (1 Hour) – Pay a visit to this one of the oldest church in the Philippines. You can light candles as well. Kids are selling the candles and they are so friendly too!

5. Cambugahay Falls (2 Hours) – I must say that this is one exhilirating activity here in Siquijor. The hike which is about 128 steps is worth the hile. A good exercise too! The place and the waterfalls are so picturesque. Do try the swing because it so fun! Make sure to take a video of your swing and jump. The cost is 20 PHP / 0.50 USD and it is unlimited. 

6. Kagusuan Beach (1-2 Hours) – This beach is my favorite. Why? Because there no much people and you will really have an amazing time. The pictures are so instagrammable. I so love it because I felt that I have my own island! Entrance fee is 30 PHP / less than 1 USD

7. Salagdoog Beach (1-2 Hours) – This beach is perfect for people who likes to do cliff diving. What I like here is that this is a resort so you can see order food and drinks. They have shower as well. One thing I enjoyed was snorkelling around the beach. Entrance fee is 25 PHP / 0.50 USD.     

8. Visit Triad Cafe in Larena, it is a perfect place for an amazing sunset and view as well. Order their pancit canton for a perfect meal for the day! 

My Siquijor trip was truly a magical one. I had an amazing time and I enjoyed every bits and pieces. 

My top favorite spots are Cambugahay Falls, Kagusuan Beach and the Century Balette Tree and Foot Spa. 

“Live Life. Love Life.” – Poppy Gee
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