Poppy Gee Travels – Bali, Indonesia

There are many words to describe Bali.

Eat.Pray. Love. Live. Drive. Lost. Discover. Party. Fun. Friends.

The Bali trip was one simple itinerary and all you need is the license to drive a motorbike, google map, nice camera and the energy to enjoy life and appreciate what you see.

I divided my stay into 3 locations.

Seminyak, Ubud and Kuta/Legian

Seminyak was my first stop. I stayed at the M Boutique Hostel. I also rented motorbike from here and it costs around 50,000 IDR/Day.


The hostel has swimming pool, lockers and gatherings at night with fellow backpackers. There are shops and restaurants nearby and Seminyak Beach is 10 minutes walk.

There is also an exchange shop near the hostel.


Highlights of Seminyak Area

1. Potato Head Beach Club

2. Mrs Sippy

3. Motel Mexicano Restaurant

4. Seminyak Beach

The next day, I had a tour down to Uluwatu with stops at Kuta/Legian, Jimbaran Beach, Pantai Tegal Wangi and the last stop at Uluwatu Temple.


I bought a SIM Card with data and used google map throughout the trip.

At Uluwatu Temple

Picture with the local Balinese

Pantai Tegal Wangi

Jimbaran Beach


One amazing part of this motorbike ride was the opportunity to control my time and the stops or places that I want to see. Yasssss! And I loved it!

The following day was trip to Ubud, Indonesia.

In order for me to save transportation cost, I used UBER and I saved 100,000 IDR for my one way cost was able to save from the travel costs. It was fast and clean too! You may also use GRAB as an alternative.

Now, let’s talk about my trip to Ubud.

Poppy Gee Explores | Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud was so relaxing. Full of nature and I really enjoyed my trip in this area.

I stayed at In Da Lodge Hostel.

And in order for me to explore Ubud, I rented a motorbike from the hostel.

And head my day to explore the below attractions. I believe this is the best itinerary for a whole day activity to see the nearby attractions in Ubud.

Pictures below:

Tegalalang Rice Field

The following day in Ubud were all about exploring the vicinity’s attractions.

Yoga Barn House

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Pura Taman Saraswati

Ubud Rice Fields

I also spent a whole at the Jungle Fish.

Ubud’s no beach… beach club !

Jungle Fish is a “must do” in Ubud, where you can experience swimming amidst the lush jungle, in the beautiful landscape of the Ubud area. Open-air split-level restaurant and pool bar perched on the side of a ridge overlooking the Osh River Valley, Jungle Fish is located just 10 minutes’ drive north of Ubud.

It was all worth it. I enjoyed Ubud and I was so relaxed.

And in Ubud, I felt home too! Why? Because of this restaurant, Warung Boga Sari and my favorite food is Nasi Campur.


I want to stay longer in Ubud but I need to go back to work. And to prepare for my return flight, I went to Kuta Area and stayed at the Captain Goose. I took Uber for my transport from Ubud to Kuta.

After I checked in, I had the chance to roam around the area and buy some souvenirs too!

I planned to stay an overnight here to party as well. And the best spot to party is at the Sky Garden. This place rocks and it gets so fun and crazy too!

Partying at the Sky Garden made my trip so memorable. I had a blast. The buffet was great and the drinks were just flowing!

So yeah…

I must say my trip to Bali was amazing! I had a great time plus I met some new friends! And learned new phrases too!

Apa kabar? Bayk ( How are you? Good!)

Terima Kasih ( Thank you!)

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“Live Life. Love Life.”

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